Monday, February 10, 2014

Comment on Proposed Amendments to the Aeronautics Act

Hi Aviation Enthusiasts – take a moment to write an ememo to ensure we have the freedom to fly in the future!

Patrick at COPA explains the following:

1. It is COPA’s experience that its influence is more effective when members send a large number of individual messages to the people in power. "Individual" is key here, cut and paste or form letters are disregarded.

2. The most effective method at this stage of the process is for individuals to send an email to to express agreement with COPA’s submission and in particular the need for a focus group.

Take Action: Your airport or private aerodrome is at risk, TC has extended the comment period until 14 February, please participate!

Amendments to Aeronautics Act, Regulations - Requirement to consult on Aerodrome construction

Ladies and Gentlemen, Pilots and Non-Pilots:

I attended a conference yesterday at which Transport Canada officials explained their rationale for wanting to proceed with amending the Aeronautics Act and regulations to require consultation on all aerodrome creation and construction. There were many representatives of Associations plus other individuals who attended by telephone and TC reported that 15 written responses were received. I would like to thank everyone for taking the time to make your concerns known. I believe we got TC's attention to the enormity of this issue because by the end of the meeting TC agreed to review the way forward.

Industry representatives did a great job of highlighting the need for a focus group to thoroughly investigate the implications of this issue but we need to drive this point home as TC considers the way forward. TC said that "only" 15 responses have been received and they want more input. I realize that many of the submissions were from organizations that represent thousands of people but TC views 15 responses as relatively low.

TC has extended the comment period until 14 February to provide comment and I ask everyone to fan this message out to your contacts and encourage them to review my article on the subject

and then provide input before 14 February.

TC admitted yesterday that the collective discussion that the conference had value and brought some points forward that they had not seen or missed in the written submissions. Now is the time to drive the point home that a focus group is needed. Please fan this message out to your contacts and if you have not yet provided comments, please do so.

Kevin Psutka

President and CEO

Canadian Owners And Pilots Association

71 Bank St, 7th floor

Ottawa, ON

K1P 5N2